Our Mission:
To be the one, free, global, interconnected platform of volunteers, organizations and everyday people looking to change the world.

Ovolllo works to bridge the gap between organizations, and individuals looking to get involved by providing a free platform for all.

It was all started with the idea of providing something similar to the other job boards we use to find paid jobs, but this time for volunteering. Though, it dug deeper than that for us, we wanted to help nonprofits offset the high costs associated with recruiting, and provide a free platform for nonprofits to connect with willing, able, and committed volunteers globally.

As Ovolllo expands, volunteers will be able to apply for opportunities that extend beyond borders, and provide opportunities to students looking for practical experience, and meaningful work over the summer. Ovolllo is changing the way nonprofits and individuals connect and interact, so join us, create a organizational or volunteer profile today and let’s change the world together.