Living Positive Kenya is committed to providing our volunteers with several important opportunities and experiences:

Home Based Care-The volunteer will participate in the community outreach work with the help of Community Health worker who provides initial home based care visits, emotional support, health education, and advocacy for the women to access and adhere to treatment.

Recruitment-The opportunity to recruit women living with HIV/AIDS  in the community  with LPK community health worker and assist in various training for example; prevention of mothers to child transmission in  the slums of Ngong.

Care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS- During the community outreach  the Volunteer in the company of a community  health worker goes to the community  to do counseling and advice the patients on their diet and attitude towards their status are instructed on how to carry on certain duties.

Social Support -The volunteer will get an opportunity to participate in LPK support training by training the women and young people on drug adherence who attend a weekly support group. The training in the support group provides psycho-social support, peer education, peer support, health education, resources, and builds the required social capital the women need to be able to thrive.

Community outreach is a service that is targeted toward reaching women living with HIV/AIDS in the slums of Mathare,  Gichagi and Ngong. We engage volunteers in the community, provide home visits, escort clients to medical appointments and focus on educating them about HIV diagnosis, treatment , adherence , anti-stigma counseling, support, and encourage them to embrace life.

The opportunity to work with orphaned children, disadvantaged families (children and women), and rural women’s groups where volunteers can leave lasting, positive results in the lives of the less fortunate within the slums.

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About Living Positive Kenya

Living Positive Kenya (LPK) is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) located in Ngong Town in Kajiado County, Kenya.  The vision of LPK is to give women in economic distress a life of hope for sustainable and independent opportunities. Our mission is to support underprivileged women, orphans and their families to live healthy and economically stable lives. We do this through community engagement, building self-empowerment, and business development. Our core values are empowerment, economic stability, community building, partnership, integrity, teamwork, and accountability.

Living Positive Kenya (LPK) was founded by Mary  Muthoni  Wanderi, Social Worker and advocate,  for the past two decades, of children whom are neglected, economically disadvantaged, affected by and infected with HIV, and in need of better life opportunities. Through her work she was able to identify that most of the children that she served had a single mother who was sick and suffering from HIV/AIDS, using drugs and economically destitute.

In knowing the importance of improving the lives of these children, Mary started LPK 10 years ago to address the health challenges of these mothers, the neglect of the  children and to improve their lives economically. Mary knows that when a HIV positive woman is healthy, emotionally stable and economically empowered she can take care of her children instead of them being placed in homes. Living Positive Kenya understands the immense social and economic burden of HIV on these women and their families and is devoted to alleviating this burden through empowerment, skills based training, home based care, counseling, micro-financing skills, economic trade skills, HIV and health advocacy, substance abuse prevention and treatment, social support, health education, and business planning.